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Speech Language Pathologist

Hi! Thanks for considering Be Communication Clinic for your speech and language needs. Whether I am working with kids, teens, or adults, my therapeutic approach remains the same: I ensure my clinical practice is evidence-based, person centered, highly individualized, functional, and established on relationship and connection.  I strive to help my clients be their highest communicative potential. 

I consistently obtain success and positive outcomes from my clients because I understand the delicate balance between hard work and fun. I treat all of my clients with the same amount of care and kindness that I would want my own family to receive, and I believe that family involvement in some form or another is key to success. 

No matter which area of communication you are looking to gain support and skills in, whether for yourself or a family member, it would be my privilege to work with you.

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Communication Clinic




Offering full communication evaluations for a variety of speech and language concerns. Evaluations can take place in clinic or in combination with the home or school setting and may range between 30 minutes-3 hours depending on areas being assessed. 


Therapy sessions typically take place in the clinic, but they may also take place at home or in the community. Goals are developed to be carried on and practiced outside of therapy given specific tools for support and implementation into everyday life. 30 minute or 1 hour Individual treatment sessions are available for all targets, and 1 hour small group sessions are available for social communication and stuttering.  


It is important to communicate with, make shared decisions, and to include important members of one's team, including oneself, throughout the evaluation and therapy process. Working with families and partners, school teams, and other professionals increases positive outcomes and ensures carryover into every day life. 


One's speech smoothness, rate, effort, and continuity is categorized under the term, Fluency. Stuttering is the most well-known difference which includes speaking behaviors such as repetitions, prolongations, and blocks. It often also includes emotional reactions that should be treated as well. Cluttering includes a rapid or irregular speech rate and disruptions in speech clarity. BeCC is proud to specialize in a holistic approach to evaluation and treatment of both stuttering and cluttering. 

Speech Sounds

Sometimes children have troubles learning how to say specific sounds by the time there are expected to. Other times, planning and coordination of muscle movements are a challenge. Adults can have struggles that are either carried on from childhood or acquired as well. BeCC can increase functional speech production skills and intelligibility for any age. 

Language & Literacy

As infants we begin learning language, but for some children, language development is delayed. Receptive Language refers to one's ability to understand what is being said, and Expressive Language is being able to share thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Literacy (reading, writing, spelling) can be impacted due to a specific language-based deficit-all of which BeCC can help with.

Social Communication

Social communication encompasses the rules of using language in different contexts. Deficits may be due to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Communication Disorder, Selective Mutism, or a variety of other disorders. Individual and/or group therapy at BeCC can help develop social communication and interaction skills for kids through adults. 


SLPs have a unique skill set to treat areas of cognition as attention, memory, problem solving, organization, and executive functioning that can become especially difficult in the middle school years and beyond. BeCC offers services to build skills in these important areas.



"Sarah is a gifted professional who has transformed our daughter's life and given us the tools we needed as parents to partner with our child through this process. Our daughter's face lights up when she talks about her sessions with Sarah, and we've seen firsthand how working with her has helped our daughter achieve her goals to speak with confidence. Sarah approaches her practice with compassion, skill, and a tremendous spirit of fun! We feel so lucky to have her in our lives."

— Ellie, parent 


Don't just wish for it-be it.


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